The AH Engine Rebuild

AH Engine - Removed from 74
Original AH Engine

The AH Engine originally came out of I Am Curious (Yellow) and was a stock 1974 fully emissions controlled engine typical of that year.

This is the first engine I have ever built and the goal is to make it just a “stock plus” engine, breathing better with simple dual carbs and larger valve heads.

The original engine was torn down in late 2018 and the goal was to have it complete and operational in Spring 2019 to swap into Żuczek B. prior to initiating his deconstruction.

However, I decided to go in a different direction with this specific engine build on April 14, 2019 and instead am using then brand new Brazilian AS41 case I have.

The AH Engine will now likely be rebuild with the original stock crank and cam and rods, and new pistons and cylinders and be a total stock rebuild.

  • Case: AH206906 (1974) 
  • Pistons/Cylinders:
  • Cylinder Heads:
  • Alternator:
  • Carb: 
  • Crank:
  • Camshaft:
  • Rocker Arms: 
  • Flywheel:
  • Exhaust:
  • Fuel Delivery:
  • Ignition:
  • Oil Pump:
  • Other: 
  • Other: 

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