Other People’s Cars – Wilhelmo Paulina’s 1975 Euro 1303 Beetle

I saw Wilhelmo Paulina post about his car the other day and I forgot how truly beautiful it is.

The Euro-style bumpers with the embedded turn signals has grown on me a lot since this style was never stock in the US. Turn signals were always on the fenders in most years of US import. Still want to go this route with Żuczek’s restomodding.

The L31A  Senegal Red just pops so much on this car.

Wilhelmo Paulina’s 1975 Euro 1303

Senegal Red seems just a bit darker than Murbella’s Mars Red which wasn’t introduced until 1977. (There are so many damn VW reds during the 70s!)

Wilhelmo Paulina’s 1975 Euro 1303

I like to think that for the most part, exterior-wise, this is what Murbella would look like as a sedan. I mean, it is the closest equivalent since I do not believe the relatively rare US 75 Super sedans were ever offered in this color.

Wilhelmo Paulina’s 1975 Euro 1303

I still need to get my hands on a non-US VW 1303 S decklid script as an additional dress for my girl. While the Fuel Injection label is stock it just doesn’t have the pedigree of the non-US labeling.

Wilhelmo Paulina’s 1975 Euro 1303

Such a lovely car.

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