New Local OPP

So I picked up some miscellaneous parts that Brett at Eurowerks is purging.

None of it was really needed, but since he’s local and cleaning out I may as well grab some things if they could have value to The Garage of Love.

I wanted a late 70’s decklid for decoration and there was one that had a dent but fit the bill.

74 decklid

Now of course, my mother’s Super was a 74 in Brilliant Orange and while this paint has lost some luster, It’ll clean up enough.

Dent to possibly fix.

I’m thinking the dent may be a perfect dent to try and repair. Hell, the other damage and a repaint could be decent practice.

Complete 71/72 Doghouse Shroud

I decided to grab a doghouse shroud that fall all intents and purposes is complete including thermostats. All the others he had were early non doghouse ones, but of course, he has a ton of single port parts so that makes sense if much of this stuff came from the same engines.

No use for these

The coil and generator are of no use to me and I don’t even want to bother trying to determine if they are good enough. I’ll remove them, keep the fan, mounts, and the pulley and pitch the rest.

There’s a lot of surface rust but I think it’ll all clean up well. Even the emissions canister port is intact.


Other stuff

I picked up a loose thermostat assembly to replace the one on the AJ FI shroud and grabbed some used, but nice offset oil coolers. The one even has the hoover bit on it. Both are better than the 2 spares I have off the other engines.

I took the only other set of dual port top tins, both from 72 and maybe the ones from this shroud. The have the inner vanes present.

FI throttle body

I also took the FI engine’s throttle body assembly, though I have no idea if it is functional or what kind of shape it is in. I’ll clean it up and perhaps disassemble it to try and gauge the state of it. It’ll go in the extra Murbella parts bins.

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