AS41 Engine – Day 24 – Final configuration

Today was all about the final installs and adjustments prior to attempting to start it tomorrow.

The Coil

Boring typical place.

So as to not have to deal with any custom wire lengths I just ended up installing the coil approximately where it would be on a stock engine.

Not a huge fan for these smaller shrouds but oh well.

The Starter

I pulled the Zalex Industries Half-Ring and Control Box I purchased last year and got the ACDelco re-manufactured starter all installed.

Zalex Industries Setup


Zalex Industries Setup


Zalex Industries Setup


Zalex Industries Setup

I know a lot of people take old transaxle bell housings and cut them up and mount them on stands to do this but with my lack of space having something that all fits into a small box or bin really made more sense anyway so I went this route. Assembly was extremely easy as the half-ring just mounts to the case with the starter inserted into it.

Control Box

I am going to have to figure out how to keep these wires off everything.

I need to to run to Autozone or another shop tomorrow and find some kind of piece I can mount on the solenoid connector of the starter so the spade connection will fit on it.

I’ve got all the lines attached for the battery to connect to the starter. However, just to be on the safe side I decided to charge the battery overnight so it is at full charge. It i has been sitting in Żuczek unplugged but not really being recharged for many weeks.

Other stuff

Oil pressure gauge

The oil pressure gauge is installed with the idiot light sender. I just want to make sure I’m getting pressure but I’m fairly certain this VDO gauge doesn’t read the full range for a Type 1.

I put some oil into the filter and then filled up the engine with the high Zinc break-in oil I bought.

I pulled the plugs and checked all their gapping.


I’ll run to buy that one piece and probably pick up some addition low cost oil to run for the 2nd pass. I need to get some vacuum line for the distributor.

I need to tighten up a few more clamps and if all goes well the engine will start up tomorrow without any issues.

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