AS41 Engine – Day 20 – More Miscellaneous Stuff

Got a lot of miscellaneous stuff done today.

Rocker Arms

I did a valve adjustment on the rocker arms again now the the last caps are out. I did go in and replace the shims I removed since that seemed to at least give me some space to place with and the screws weren’t as tight.


The shields went onto the lower tins and then the j-pipes.

1/2 Side

Now one of the primary functions of the shields is to reflect heat from the j-pipes outwards and so of course, with the shields installed they proved to be a bit of a fitment issue. Quite frankly, I just got them on and just don’t care anymore.

Fuel System

Painted linkage

I reinstalled the carbs as well as the linkage that I painted yesterday. Still bums me that they had already started to corrode. Damn things were expensive as hell.

Rough fitment for fuel lines

While I eventually want to experiment with steel fuel lines that are bent to fit I’m going with rubber hose this time. I may cut some of this smaller once the engine is in the car. Imagine how nice this could be if the fuel lines were all hidden behind the fan shroud and fed the carbs from an electric pump. That’ll be a future change and definitely what the performance engine will have.

I still need to figure out how I’m going to get the flywheel on. I really think I’m going to need to put the engine on the ground or table to do that work. I’m just not happy with the stability of the build stand.

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