AS41 Engine – Day 17 – Elephant Feet, J-Tubes, and Oil lines

Both my 1/2 oil hose and my rocker arm elephant feet arrived today.

It was easiest to just order an oil/transmission hose from Amazon.

Rocker Arm Adjusting Screws


I had seen the various different designs in rocker arm adjusting screws and I figured I would get a set to try them out. Apparently they were a Porsche 911 style part that eventually made their way into the Type 1 aftermarket. I am not sure if Gene Berg brought them into the VW world or what but I do see them available there. I installed them and did a valve adjustment but did not realized that their use basically means lash caps are not needed so I kind of need to go back, pull the caps, and readjust before break-in.

Oil Hose Installation

So I went and crawled under Żuczek to get a general idea of how long the oil supply and return lines will need to be.

Looks rather odd outside the car

Now the oil filter will be mounted under the rear driver fender. I’m sure it is going to be something to run these lines through and around the exhaust. Since Żuczek was an autostick in another life, there’s a hole for vacuum lines that I think may be accessible behind that ugly ass chrome firewall tin that can eventually be where these run up through. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

Oil breather.

This engine isn’t going to make enough pressure to warranty a full oil breather box and I really didn’t want to just run it down under the tin so I’m going to pull the vapors and pressure up and out and channel it back into the engine through the 1/2 carb.


I have completely forgot about the need to sand down and properly paint the J-Tubes. I got 1 coat of paint on those today as well.

Other Stuff

Some guys on one of the FB pages have shared some places they’ve hidden their coils. Unfortunately a lot of them hid them back down behind the fuel pump and that won’t work since that’s where my carb linkage is attached.

I need to see if I can find a used old longer spark plug wire. I may be able to mount it behind the fan shrould but I’m going to need that longer wire to get form the coil to the distributor.


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