AS41 Engine – Day 16 – Even the original tins hate me!

So it basically comes down to the fact that even the original tins seem to hate me.

So I installed the original cylinder tins, the original lower cylinder tins, and decided to fit the original VW fan shroud on thinking it would all be perfect.


It didn’t fit well along the new case at all.

So… I went back to the aftermarket 36HP fan shroud and spent hours on it, trying to get it to fit here and there, removing metal along the bottom where needed.

Metal removed from the bottom of the fan shroud

Right now, given my tools, I’d rather cut the aftermarket shroud instead of the original one.

Still some gaps
3/4 side is better than 1/2

I would get one side relatively decent and the opposite side would then such. I kept trimming along the bottom until I got it more or less the best I can do. It isn’t great by any means.

3/4 side

I decided to make sure 3/4, given the heat issues inherent on this side, is the better of the two sides.

I suppose I won’t know really how these gaps play out until the engine runs and I can feel around the tins.

Original part married to aftermarket outlet

The rubber seals that came for the doghouse cooler really suck too. I tired them a couple of different ways and settled on what seemed to be the best, with the original part bent a bit to try and make them seal.

I reach a point where I was basically just totally over this and said enough is enough.

I see so many people running the aftermarket shrouds so there has to be a way to really make this fit well.

However, I don’t know it.

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