AS41 Engine – Day 12 – A change of direction on the rocker arms

So after breakfast and showing off the engine to Mrs. Conclusion I decided to tackle the rocker arm installation and push rods.

I spent about 2 hours reading multiple sources and watching several videos.

And… I decided I am not yet comfortable with anything other than stock and the engine, at least at start up and break-in, would just get modified stock 1.1:1 rocker arms and stock original pushrods.

The original AH engine rocker parts

I found the original 74 AH engine’s rocker arms and disassembled them and soaked them in mineral spirits.

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Now when that engine was still running I had to remove them when I could not adjust the valve clearance. They’ve been apart and scrubbed and cleaned before but I didn’t want to but them on the new build without some additional cleaning.

The got the usual mineral bath dip, then each piece was wirebrushed and heavily scrubbed. Some of the parts where sanded a bit with emory paper. There is some oxidation on them but I figured they’ll be fine for this engine.

I tried to put the 1.25 ratio rocker’s swivel ball adjusters on them but they don’t fit the stock originals at all. So I cleaned up the adjusting screws and nuts as best I could.

They cleaned up very well.

Now I mentioned that there were modified 1.1:1 stock ratio rocker arms and by that, I mean I ended up installing them on solid rocker arms that I had. I like the shims on these far better than the wavy washers of the OEM ones. I can always go back if I have problems but I think they’ll be fine.


Now both sides appeared to be aligned properly with their respective valves. I left the hardened lash caps on so they have more area to sweep as the activate. I did have to put 2 shims under each bolt but they seemed really centered with them.


I cleaned up the stock push rods and lithium greased them up and then did a valve adjustment on each as you would during regular maintenance. Right now each of them is at perfect .15mm. It was so easier doing this on the stand then when the engine is one the car!

I oiled them up as well as the valve springs and closed it all up.

As to the 1.25:1 arms and custom push rods, I need more time to really figure out what I’m doing. I really wish I had an experienced mentor on this to show me how to do it once. That’s all I need. The various videos I watched seemed to sometimes contradict each other and I can’t even understand some of the printed instructions I’ve read.

I’d rather have a successful running engine to start off with and then do the arm and pushrod work when I feel more confident.

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