AS41 Engine – Day 11 – Cleaning the custom push rods

Now tomorrow I’ll take off the fan shroud and start setting the rocker arm geometry and push rods done.

Cleaned up

Now the new chromoly ones really had a heavy cosmoline coating on them. I was surprised at how much came off on the towels as well as what blew out of the tubes themselves.

I’m going to clean them again with parts cleaned just to be sure I got all of it off.

I can’t risk screwing these up so I’m going to take the next steps very slowly.

One thing I need to do is find 2 old lifters to use to finish these once I cut them. The original lifters on the AH engine and the ones from the AR engine were all in excellent shape so I’m hesitant to use them since I’ll have to hit them with a hammer on the cam face to seat and pound in the other end of the rod.

I may finish tearing open the AJ engine to see the shape of the lifters in that.

I mean, I have no idea if I’ll ever use the lifters from the others and I have another new set so I suppose I can sacrifice 2 of the them from the AJ engine.

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