AS41 Engine – Day 9 – Rocker Teardown and Cleaning

So after some back and forth on the Facebook forums I decided to configure this engine with the forged SCAT 1.25:1 ratio rocker arms. I’m going to dig out the AH engine’s stock ones that I previously disassembled and cleaned way back in February 2018. I’ll put those on the new solid shafts I have and that’ll give me both options come break-in time.

SCAT Forged 1.25:1 rockers

These definitely have a solid feel to them and I love not having those wavy washers.


Disassembled order.

I’m not quite sure what they had on them. It could have been a light oil or that cosmoline stuff. Each element got cleaned and the swivel adjusters were also take out and cleaned. These have the little ball heads on them.

Head mockup


Head mockup

I won’t know until the heads are on the cylinders and the push rods are in what all will need to be done. I assume I’ll have to shim up the height as well as move things here and there. I’ve got the extra shims the SCAT kit came with as well as some .010, 0.015, .030, and .060 arm shims.

Bolt on valve covers

Still not sure if I’ll be using the bolt on head covers or the OEM ones I’ve cleaned up and repainted.  I’ll probably install with these on for now but I can’t say I’m a fan of the shine.


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