AS41 Engine – Day 9 – Miscellaneous work

If you’ve been reading my blog or my other social media pages you’ll know that I am no fan of chrome. It is fine in some instances such as bumpers and the occasional small thing here and there but overall, I really don’t like it. Chrome typically looks “cheap” to me, especially when used as an accent color. I’ll take a brushed metal stainless steel look over chrome any day.

So of course, I am de-chroming some things where it makes sense.

EMPI 34 EPC Air Filters

The air filters that came with the EMPI 34 EPC dual carbs have a chrome top. I planned on venting the oil to the carb in a mirror of the stock setup so I drilled a 3/8 hole into the right side filter and installed a 90° barbed fitting.

So much better!

Since the filters have a rubber flange at the bottom, they now look soooooo much better without the chrome and will work with the black alternator.

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