AS41 Engine – Day 8 – More tin work

I wish I could say I got a lot done today but all I did was work on the tins some more.

Fixing scratches

Now I know that there will always be a risk of scratching the paint. It isn’t like these are powder coated. So I’m trying to ensure they get solid layers with proper sanding between them as well as fixes to drips and such.

This “cast iron” is nice, but because it is a metallic it is really easy for it to not spray out right. You can even see some of the odd density areas of the fan shroud (above).

More work

I’m also putting on multiple coats of a high temp clear gloss top coat in the hope that it helps with scratches.

Black alternator

Sometimes I’ve seen engines with the alternator casing colored. I assume this is just paint but they do tend to get hot so I have no idea how paint holds up. I did decide to tape off the important stuff and just put a coat of flat black on to at least shed heat. Plus I think it’ll look better when it is all done and assembled.

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