AS41 Engine – Day 2 – Type 3 block off plate.

So the universal cases have the opening at the bottom right next to the oil pump area where a Type 3 dipstick attachment would go due to the differences in the way those engines have to sit in those frames.

The cover plate.

The new engine hardware kits that are available come with a small plate, gasket, and washers and nuts to seal and close this massive hole off.

Now this is where I planned to put the VDO oil temp sender. I mean, if it is perfectly centered, the small 1/4″ sender should work here. The sensor part will be surrounded by hot spent oil that has just come down from the upper parts of the case.

While the one larger plug area leading up into the oil pump is probably the ideal place (since that oil is constantly flowing past there from the sump to the pump, I’m thinking this cover plate would also work, and not actually mod the case at all.

I think I’ll pass on doing this now. It would be an easy enough alteration to make at an oil change once the sump is emptied. This is all accessible under the car and not covered by any tin.

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