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Let’s face it, our thing isn’t exactly swimming in variety in terms of aftermarket parts or quality custom modding.

Sure, there are ways to make things work, especially if you are an experienced metal fabricator with some basic engineering knowledge, but for the most part a lot of us have to rely on people far more experienced and knowledgeable than us to modernize or create new things for 40+ year old cars.

And today I came across a mod vendor that I have never come across before. At least I don’t think so.

Cool Rydes So-Cal Customs in southern California (where else) has quite a product list of things for Type 1 cars. Well. Let’s face it. Standard Type 1 cars.  But there are some products they make that I could be used on 1302/1303 models as-is or with some modifications.

Modded Super Front Suspension/Steering


Cool Rydes So-Cal Customs – Modded Super Front Suspension/Steering

I’m pretty sure I’ve come across Mendeola Front Ends in picture galleries before but I don’t think I ever came across a product vendor. You can pretty much replace the entire front end suspension and steering on a standard with something modern, and from the looks of it, with the right know-own, you can more or less replace the entire front end suspension of a 1302/1303 (above pic).

Cool Rydes So-Cal Customs – New 1303 Suspension

It seems like you basically put an entire front subassembly directly only the chassis frame, by-passing the stock strut geometry/architecture entirely (above pic.) There seems some body work to open up the the space but the mere fact that it can be done makes me happy.

And it adds a more modern rack and pinion steering too, though I imagine the steering column needs serious changes to accommodate the new location. Definitely seems farther back than the 75-79 rack and pinion.

I can’t see spending $3,295.00  for my first restomod on something like this, especially since Żuczek B. isn’t actually going to be raced or anything but thank the gods there’s something out there to keep Supers alive in someway.

Da Tube

Cool Rydes So-Cal Customs – Da Tube

I like the look of their Da Tube product and I can pretty much say I’ll buy this in the future for the 2110 engine. I always liked that older Type 1 late 40’s tube that held the lead wires and it is great someone in the aftermarket is making something similar.

Kafer Bar System

Cool Rydes So-Cal Customs – Kafer Bar System

I’ve been looking rear suspension improvements and if you are doing a full body off complete restoration, it makes sense to look at affordable upgrades if you in a modding situation anyway. For $300 this Kafer Bar System looks fairly easy to install. I need to investigate this more for Żuczek B..


It looks like make and/or provide a modified Super Beetle front brake system using Wilwood calipers. Not sure I can justify $1,295.00  early on for front brakes from the basic sets I’m using but we’ll have to see. They appear to be 5 ON 130mm Porsche only disc bolt patterns.



There’s definitely a lot to look about their products, at least from the pics. Odds are I’ll never encounter them unless I buy them so I’ll have to ask around if there’s the value in the brakes, especially if you want to go to a certain wheel size and engine size.

I mean, while I love the fact there’s alternatives out there, I think I’m pretty set on Topline Maxistruts using the existing tower spaces and spindles. For now my basic brakes will work.

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