Barret-Jackson’d out!

I am so Barrett-Jackson 2019 Scottsdale burnt out it isn’t funny.

Now I don’t watch it live. That would be torture given how many hours of coverage airs on television as well as the number of cars that I get so bored with.

After the 1000th boring Camaro, Chevelle, and Mustang roles across one kind of hopes for anything slightly unusual or different and all we got was a shitload of high-doller selling Corvette restomods. I mean… $200,000+ restomods. Blew my mind how many there were compared to stock.

Monday, which I did not see, had a 1974 Karmann Ghia Convertible cross the auction block at $26,400.00 which to me was way overpriced for a 1974, regardless if they are saying it supposedly has 46,030 miles on it.

Tuesday had a 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible which for me was definitely worth the $19,800.00 paid, especially compared to a 74.

A 79 Beetle crossed the block on Tuesday too going for $42,900.00. This was the one that had 499 miles on it.

I am assuming the 32,270 mile 1978 Volkswagen Beetle on Wednesday did not air because I missed it. $19,800.00 is a bit high but I don’t know much about the car and there are not many pics.

I wish I had seen the certified 1966 Meyer’s Manx that went for $11,550.00 too.

I assume the restored 1973 Thing didn’t air since I sure didn’t see it. $23,100.00 seems about right for good condition/restored Type 181s these days.

Saturday saw the 1959 23-window Samba go for $154,000.00

Today should have a 72 Beetle Convertible but who knows if that will air. (Honestly, I certainly hope they redid that engine prior to sale. My god it is dirty!)

There were a few other Type 2’s in various configurations, but as usual, it was 1 air-cooled VW to 1800 Ford Mustangs or so. Annoying as hell.

One thing I realized from this, as bad as it is for actual airheads in terms of what people will continue to ask for shit cars, is that I really do need to rework Murbella’s insurance as I can honestly now say she’s probably appreciated in value from what I paid for her.









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