I can haz Snap-On flashlight!

I’m not sure if he got me this out of guilt (of not ever getting me Christmas presents) or what but my son got me a Snap-On 700 Lumen Project Light from his drug dealer, er… his Snap-On Man Salesman.

I have to admit it is pretty nice and top quality. And damn is is bright. I accidentally looked into it and temporarily blinded myself!

I’m rather shocked it has a USB-C cable as a power connector. Sure, USB-C is currently trying to supplant mini-USB as the defacto standard for connections. But as a person who spends most of his life in IT, I can attest to USB-C being pretty damn problematic. I’m assuming that since we are talking power pass-through only that this is fine. There’s no data involved here or any kind of operating system/device handshake that has to occur.

Dare I say it I’m looking forward to using this come Spring. I could have used it a lot last year during Murbella’s suspension and steering upgrades/rebuilds.


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