Other People’s Cars – Kathleen Brook’s Restored 1967 Beetle

Kathleen Brook's Restored 1967 Beetle
Kathleen Brook’s Restored 1967 Beetle

The story of VW USA restoring this 1967 Beetle for a a woman who bought the car in December of 1966 and still drives it as her daily driver is kind of amazing.

I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone was smart enough to document everything in video and they can release a documentary on this.

I find it very interesting that all of the work happened at the Puebla, Mexico factory, given that it hasn’t produced Type 1’s in quite a long time.

My biggest interest would be to see how the team at the factory decided to tackle this, given that the 1967 Beetles are essentially a one-off year model, with lots of things that are not on the 66 and early or the 68 and later models.

It is quite the the transitional car given all the major changes that occurred in 1968.

It looks like they rebuilt the engine too, and took some liberties with it, but kept it single port. I assume they went electronic ignition on it as well, though hilariously much of what they seem to have altered involves all kinds of non-VW aftermarket vendors.


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