Other People’s Cars – 72 Super Beetle (Homeworth, OH)

72 Super Beetle in Homeworth, OH

I’m always looking to see what’s up on Craigslist and I was kind of taken back when I saw this 72 Super Beetle  For Sale that looks an awful like a certain Mr. Brzęczyszczykiewicz that I happen to own.

Well. Except he looks a whole lot better!

And it better for the $9995 that the owner is asking!

Can’t recall seeing a 1302 sedan in Ohio at the price in the past two years. But that seems to be in an exception state, though the number of pics are somewhat limited.

72 Super Beetle in Homeworth, OH
72 Super Beetle in Homeworth, OH – Dash

The interior, what few pics are posted, seems a billion times better than Żuczek’s but I wish there were some engine pics as well.

I’m still rather shocked at that price though for a non-convertible 70’s Beetle, Super or otherwise.

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