I think I may be ready to drill and tap tomorrow.

I realized that I was missing some tools to complete the block preparations so I ordered them yesterday and hopefully they should all be here tomorrow.

I picked up the 9/16″ drill bit to do the main oil return line and and I’m hoping, based on what I’ve already seen, that I probably will not need the 1/8″ or the 1/4″ bits as the taps feel as if they’ll work without having to drill more material out of the holes.

VW Type 1 Oil Gallery Drilling - Bits and NPT Taps
My new bit and NPT taps for the Type 1 case tapping.

I was happy to see that JEGS over on 11th Avenue carries a white variety of AN fittings and other aluminum and steel plugs.

Not really supposed to be over 39°F tomorrow so working out in the garage would be miserable.

That said… I really need to get out there, cold or not, and clean up the mess from buying all those steering and suspension parts.


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