Waitaminute? Haven’t you already started your project?

Żuczek B. (72 1302) new tie rods and steering damper
Some of the new parts put on the steering to make me feel happy.

While I have done some work on Żuczek B. I don’t really consider any of it the beginnings of the restoration or the modding.When I brought him home, I realized that many rubber seals were original and rotting and I needed to get those quickly replaced to make sure water stayed out.

And yes, I got a bit carried away buying some things to redo parts of him but I tend to purchase parts when I have the funds, and especially when a lot of the online stores have 20%+ sales.

I wanted to get some parts I had already purchased for the 74 on the 72 once I realized that the ball joints needed replacing.

I had all new tie rods and such sitting for almost a year so I went ahead and installed them, and the disc brakes and new rear brake components and lines just to ensure I knew the full state of all of those components when I drive the car.

When I say it is officially DAY 0 of THE ŻUCZEK PROJECT will be when the disassembly begins.

I don’t really consider my engine building work as part of the project. Sure, it is related, but that’s a skill building component that has to happen regardless of which vehicles the engine’s go into.

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