What’s this Central Ohio Polish Look all the kids are talking about?

Way too many Beetles in one driveway
Way too many Beetles in one driveway

Yes. I love German Look Supers.

They are what I envisioned my Beetles would look like when I was a kid in the 1970’s.

But on the whole, I don’t see myself ever getting into Type VI engines or really high powered Type 1 engines

Anything that disturbs the lines of the rear windshield into the curve of the decklid just tends to be unpleasant to me.

And exhausts? I really can’t stand a lot of the performance exhausts with merged headers needed to get the kind of breaking out of the engine necessary for high performance and high horsepower.

Twin pea shooters just look correct to me sticking out from the rear apron.

So I’ve always jokingly referred to the vision in my head as a new style… the Central Ohio Polish Look style.

I find that even more appropriate now since I plan on modding a 1302 to be German Look-esque, but of course it won’t have those front curves of a 1303’s windshield.

My plans have been shaping up for some time and let me tell you, Central Ohio Polish Look Beetles are going to be a major hit!

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