German Look Beetles – The Greatest Thing In The World!

Super BeetleSo you may be saying “Um… VWs are German cars… aren’t they all German Look?” and obviously, you’d be correct.

But there’s German Look and there’s German Look!

German Look can mean different things to different people, but overall there are some overall characteristics I’d say that are common:

  • Typically using a Super Beetle, most often a 1303 model as the base structure
  • Incorporating many aspects of style of various eras of Porsches
  • Improved front and rear suspensions above and beyond the basics
  • Wheel and tires, often from Porsches, typically far larger and wider than basic Beetles
  • Subdued and often deep metallic paint schemes
  • Little to no chrome (as was typical for American Beetles)
  • An engine swap to a performance oriented Type IV engine (typical in Europe) or a high performance Type 1 engine (typical in the US) or even a Porsche 914 engine
  • Substantially improved braking on all four wheels
  • Slightly lowered (not slammed) aggressive stance
  • Often modified fenders

Basically, a sports car out of a Beetle.

Super Beetle

Now quite frankly, while I love all Beetles and am especially fond of the stock look for most years, the 1303 Beetles just lend themselves to this “Porsche-fication” with their smooth curved front windshields and slightly more bulbous lines.

German Look would be awful on a pre-67 Beetle, and they can have their Cal Look which suits them.

Us Super Beetle lovers can have a far grander and sleeker German Look.

Hell… so many of them those early Beetle lovers hate our cars anyway, so screw them anyway.

Super Beetle

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