And a 1302 caught my eye…

As I’ve mentioned I can easily get lost, and I do almost nightly, in for sale ads and such. Beetles. Ghias. Microbusses. Type 3s. Type 4s. Porsche 356s. Pretty much any air-cooled German cars can turn me on.

And the “project” I have had brewing in my head began to further develop.

Murbella will remain my survivor stock Beetle. But the need to want to take something with some issues, and turn it into something far greater and along the way learn a ton of shit I did not know made me shift from the 74 and on one evening, on Facebook, I found and odd thing.

Instead of a personal seller, I found a 1972 Super Beetle for sale at a small dealership about 40 minutes south of here.

At first they had it listed incorrectly, and I had to correct them that it was a Super and not a standard. I also had to correct them that it had a lot more than 36HP. You see, they ended up finding it on some kind of online car auction that dealers use and they thought it would be interesting to buy. It was a North Carolina car and they had it brought up here and it was only advertised on their sites for 2 days or so when I found it.

I drove out there and while I won’t get into the drama I experienced around it, let’s just say that one thing I have most definitely learned is that if you do not know air-cooled engines, nor really the issues with vintage older cars, do not buy them just for kicks!

I ended up buying the 72 Super Beetle for cheap, and even through it has issues, I feel real confident in saying that I think my current skill set and those skills I intend to learn over the next 2-3 years will allow me to make this car into something I really want.

1972 Super Beetle 1302

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