The AE Engine Work

AE Engine – As It Was Bought

1972 Super Beetle Żuczek K. Brzęczyszczykiewicz - Pre-Inspection
Żuczek B. – Rebuilt AE engine.

The engine that came in Żuczek B. at purchase has a lot of unknowns about it.

What I can tell is that it has a generic carb, a non-original generator and coil, and had been rebuilt sometime time prior to 2018.

1972 Super Beetle Żuczek K. Brzęczyszczykiewicz - Pre-Inspection

The shop that either supplied the engine, or built the one in it, is Hick’s VW in North Carolina. I sent the engine block and VIN to Hick’s hoping to find some record of it. They responded that the remembered the car, but it was many years ago. The guy I talked to said it would likley have been rebuilt as a 1641cc. He couldn’t tell me if they put the chrome gen pulley and degree crank pulley on or not.

I will have to admit, with both Murbella and I Am Curious (Yellow) having original unmolested stock engines, this is the first Beetle I’ve bought with so many unknown engine parts questions surrounding it. (Even my 71 Standard was totally stock original.)

The only things I can really confirm are that the AE block and the air filter are year appropriate. So much else is unknown, but it is obvious that:

  • Distributor is generic 009 with electronic ignition – Would have come with a Bosch SVDA distributor, or possibly a Bosch DVDA “T” distributor.
  • Carb is generic Chinese clone – Would have come with Solex 34PICT-3 (without dashpot)
  • Pulleys are not stock
  • Coil is not stock
  • Muffler is generic or EMPO 2 Tip GT type exhaust – Not VW Stock
  • Thermostat appears to be removed

There’s no doubt quite a more surprises in store for me.


The 2019 AE Engine Work

As of March 23, 2019, the main plan for this engine remains getting the fuel delivery/pump problem from Autumn 2017 solved and the engine dropped out. There’s a lot of oil and dirt and other grime on it so it will get a good solid cleaning, with the various rubber components replaced.

I’m thinking the following may need to occur:

  • Replace main seal
  • Possibly replace clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing
  • Get a simple SVDA distributor on it
  • Tune the hell out of that generic carb
  • Put new manifold gaskets on at intake and heads
  • New fresh air hoses
  • Clean and/or replace push rod tubes and seals.
  • If easy, sand/blast air cleaner and repaint


The engine can then be tested outside of the car and placed into I Am Curious (Yellow) to either sell the car, or just become a basic driver until it is sold.

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